About Mix Homestead Designs

Hi, my name is Evelyn Mix, the artist for Mix Homestead Designs. I have recently felt a change in my life, a change for the better. After going through a rough patch due to my daughters health,  I hit rock bottom and slipped into depression. The only thing that saved me  was Gods promises. I started creating artwork that reflected the hope and encouragement that those promises brought me. After feeling myself shedding my grief and feeling joy radiate through my artwork, I decide to produce more art and home decor that would inspire, motivate, and  bring hope to others. So that was when Mix Homestead Design manifested. It is a culmination of all things that influence, uplift, and revitalize.

I have always been interested in art since I was little. It was a way for me to visualize my emotions.  I decided to go to College for Art to perfect my skills. I went into the art program at Grand Valley State University. While I was there I felt less than prefect. There was so many artist that was already at a higher level then me. I continued to push through my doubts and  took every art class I could fit into my schedule. It wasn’t until me senior show, that I finally felt like I had reached a level of a true professional artist.  I graduated Grand Valley with a Bachelors degree in fine arts with an emphasis in printmaking.


After College I have created artwork for several fundraisers like Relay for Life, Chair Affair in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, Be Nice Bench at Rivertown Crossings Mall in Grand Rapids, Michigan, artwork for a Graduation ceremony, and artwork for an auction. I love that my artwork has helped others feel empowered and inspired.

Chair Affair
Relay for Life
Art for a benefit auction